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Favorite Links
If you need a good guide or want to get started in rock climbing give these guys and gals a call. These people will show you a good day of climbing in the Needles, Rushmore, and Devil's Tower. They are my recommendation. They live in the area year round and play in this area year round. They are not summertime carpetbaggers.
The local climbers advocacy group. These people are responsible for such activities as the annual "Pumpfest" and the" Biners and Beans". They also have been active in the past working with the local land managers for dealing with climbing issues. The not much fun aspect, like sitting in boring meetings negotiating a climbing management plans. Send them some money and pat them on the back. Also check out their web site.
Without these people we may not have anyplaces left to climb. They do a tiring, never ending job of keeping climbing available for us through-out this nation. Check out their site and send them some money too.
Here is a character, Frank Sanders. I have known Frank since about 1976. He is worth the price of admission just to meet him, let alone  to climb with him. Check his site too.
You like climbing routes with good anchors and protection bolts? These guys are trying to replace as many bolts as they can. And it is another group that needs some money to operate. Check their site and get their address to send them some money along with the  rest.
We all pretty much know who these people are. Check out their site.
Our husband and wife team of friends, Tass Thacker and Bruce Junek. This couple has travelled to many exotic places and have a web site to share them with you. Go visit their site. They also travel to alot of public schools through-out the country giving programs about their travels. The programs are very educational as well as entertaining for all grades  K through 12 and Adults.