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Other Places and Adventures


Below the summit of a winter ascent             The Grand Teton's Summit in Winter
of the Grand Teton

WIND RIVER TRAVERSE   Wind River Mountains, Wyoming

This was a 18 day ski traverse of the Continental Divide as it wanders through the northern Wind River Mountains. We skied to the Continental Glacier to meet with the Divide.The turned South, did a winter ascent of Gannett Peak. Up and over Dinwoody Pass into the Titcomb Basin then exited by Elkhart Park. Did this with my two friends Bob Monet of Boulder and Mark DeVries of  Lead, South Dakota, Cody, Wyoming or could it be Alaska ( who knows where he is from).

On the Gannett Glacier below Gannett Peak in Wyoming  
Looking over to Warren Peak and Elsie Col across the Diwoody Glacier
On the Summit of Gannett Peak while it was storming

HAUTE ROUTE      France & Switzerland

Skied the Haute Route with several good friends Mark and Jane Laub from Minnesota, Smiler Culberson from Great Britain. We then were met by Smiler's brother Barry and a friend of his from Germany.


RED ROCKS   Las Vegas , Nevada

Climbing with good friends Bob Monet from Boulder and Bruce Junek from Rapid City

CODY ICE   Cody, Wyoming

Climbing ice  on the South fork of the Shoshone with Bob Monet