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About Us     
I'm Bob Archbold, (the Hasbeen Needles Climber) a Needles climber of thirty years. I have seen a lot of changes in the area, some good, some not so good in reference to climbing . But with this web site I hope to be able to provide some information about the history of the area and what is  going on at the present time. I will try to keep some new route information current (no promises) and any pending rules or regulations that may appear.

I'm  a very active local climber, along with many of my local climbing friends who I hope also to introduce you to in the course of the life of this web site. Some I hope to bring to your attention are Ron Yahne (The Mt. Rushmore route encyclopedia), Bruce Junek and Tass Thacker (the husband and wife traveling team), Mike Cronin and Heather Heynen (local limestone gurus)  just to name a few of the current climbers. I also plan to get you acquainted with some of the influential climbers of the past such as Paul Muehl, Pete DeLanoy, Jim Black, Kevin Bein and his wife Barbara Devine,  Herb and Jan Conn and I can't forget Vern Phinney.

Tricouni Nail